Le Royaume, l'Espérance du Monde

Un article de Témoins de Jéhovah: TJ-Encyclopedie, l'encyclopédie libre sur les Témoins de Jéhovah.
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Brochure comprenant 3 exposés et qui reproduit la résolution prise par le mouvement lors de l'Assemblée de Columbus du 24 au 30 Juillet 1931, adoptant le nouveau nom de Témoins de Jéhovah.


The Kingdom- The hope of the World (Le Royaume- l'Espoir du Monde)

  • Pages 3,4 : Les conditions mondiales sont affreuses.
  • Page 5  : Jéhovah va instaurer son royaume d'ici peu. Satan est son ennemi.
  • Page 6 : Les hommes ont essayés toutes sortes de gouvernement. Depuis 1914, Jésus est roi et Satan a été jeté sur terre.
  • Page 7 : Satan a lancé la guerre de 1914, afin que tous les hommes détestent Dieu.
  • Page 8 : La guerre s'est arrêtée afin que le témoignage soit effectué et que tous les personnes puissent choisir leur camp.
  • Page 9 : Satan et son organisation doivent être détruit à Har-maguédon.
  • Page 10 : La Bible contient un message contre la chrétienté (principalement les USA et la Grande-Bretagne), qui à notre époque ont la même place que Jérusalem aux temps des prophètes.
  • Page 11: La chrétienté va à la destruction, car elle n'a pas respectée les lois de Dieu.
  • Page 12' : La chrétienté (catholiques comme protestants) fait parti du monde.
  • Page 13 : La chrétienté est ami des oppresseurs politiques. Dans les prophéties, les 10 tribus d'Israël représentent l'Église Catholique, les deux tribus l'Église Protestante. Dans ce cadre, les nations protestantes sont plus responsables.
  • Page 14: Ainsi les nations protestantes vont souffrir le plus à la fin de cette génération. Dans le même ordre d'idée, parmi les Étudiants de la bible, il y a des "judas" qui vont subir la destruction.
  • Page 15 : Néanmoins, les nations athées, seront elles aussi détruites.
  • Page 16 : Ceux qui cherchent la Vérité et qui aident "les pauvres" seront sauvés par millions.
  • Pages 17-19 : Description des merveilleuses conditions du Royaume de Jésus et de la Résurrection.
  • Pages 20-21 : Cette "génération" verra toute ces choses.
  • Pages 21,22 : Ceux qui apportent ce message au lecteur, ne portent pas un nom d'homme, ils portent le nom de Témoins de Jéhovah.

Warning from Jehovah (Avertissement de la part de Jéhovah)


The Kingdow, The Hope of the World

WHEN the peoples of the nations of the earth are confronted with a condition that threatens their very existence it is time `for ealm and sober thought that, if possible, the cause may he ascertained and that the true remedy may be embraced. To refuse to consider or publicly discuss such unhappy conditions for fear of provoking controversy is worse than folly.

The truth is not controversial with those who are honest. Truth reveals what the people need to know.

The nations of the earth are now in sore need of the truth. The radio is one of the ways God has provided to get the truth to the people, and every radio station on earth should be diligent to broadoast the truth to the people in this very serious time in the affairs of men.

The economic conditions ot` America are bad. Similar distressing conditions prevail through out all "Christendom", yea, in fact, throughout the entire world. A few have grown very rich, while the numbers ot the poor are increasing everywhere. It is claimed that there is au excess of production of food and of raiment, while at the same time there are millions starving and suffering from want of proper clothing.

The political conditions are bad everywhere. There is no ruling power or nation that feels safe and secure, and all are unable to cope successfully with the perplexing problems that confront them. Practically all the monarchies have perished from the earth, and democracy is more unsale now than it was prior to the VVorld War.

Moral conditions are also very bad. Crime is on the increase, particularly in the land called "Christendom", and many women and even youths have fallen to a lower level than that of degraded men. Fear and perplexity grip the people and scarcely anyone feels secure in home, property or body.

Regardless of who is the more reprehensible for these unhappy conditions, the indisputable fact is that fifteen centuries of the operation of “organized Christianity", so called, has not litted the human race out of degradation or given to the people hope.

The rulers and the people in all the nations called "Christendom" have claimed to believe that Jehovah is God, and have expressed faith in the Bible as his Word, and in Christ Jesus as the Savior of man. The question is now put squarely up to the rulers and to the people, to wit, Is that claim true and sincere? Jesus, with absolute authority, concerning God’s Bible said: “Thy word is truth." If we believe that Jehovah is the true God, then why should we longer halt between his Word and the opinions or theories of imperfect men? I earnestly invite the rulers and the people to carefully consider the Bible in the light of present-day events, because therein is found the full information concerning the cause of the world distresses and therein is plainly stated the only hope for man's relief and deliverance.

Jehovah, the God of the Bible, is the only true God. lle is the source of all life. Centuries ago he gave his word of promise that in his due time he would establish a government that would rule the world in righteousness and that under that government the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak, the Jews and Gentiles, the bond and the free, should all have un opportunity for the blessings of liberty, prosperity, happiness and life everlasting. (Gen. 22:18; Isa. 9: 6,7) That promise being true, the day must come when those on earth would know that it is time for the establishment of Gods kingdom or government and for the blessings of the people to begin.

Satan the Devil has long been the invisible ruler of this world. He is the adversary or opposer of the true God, and the worst enemy of man, and has led the people into degradation that he might turn them all away from Jehovah. God could have restrained or killed Satan long ago, to be sure, but perfect Wisdom marked out a different course. God first sent Jesus to the earth to provide redemption for the human


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