Le Royaume, l'Espérance du Monde

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Le Royaume, l'Espérance du Monde (anglais: The Kingdom The Hope of the World) est une brochure de 1931. Elle comprenant 3 exposés et qui reproduit la résolution prise par le mouvement lors de l'Assemblée de Columbus du 24 au 30 juillet 1931, adoptant le nouveau nom de Témoins de Jéhovah.


The Kingdom- The hope of the World (Le Royaume- l'Espoir du Monde)

  • Pages 3,4 : Les conditions mondiales sont affreuses.
  • Page 5  : Jéhovah va instaurer son royaume d'ici peu. Satan est son ennemi.
  • Page 6 : Les hommes ont essayés toutes sortes de gouvernement. Depuis 1914, Jésus est roi et Satan a été jeté sur terre.
  • Page 7 : Satan a lancé la guerre de 1914, afin que tous les hommes détestent Dieu.
  • Page 8 : La guerre s'est arrêtée afin que le témoignage soit effectué et que tous les personnes puissent choisir leur camp.
  • Page 9 : Satan et son organisation doivent être détruit à Har-Maguédon.
  • Page 10 : La Bible contient un message contre la chrétienté (principalement les USA et la Grande-Bretagne), qui à notre époque ont la même place que Jérusalem aux temps des prophètes.
  • Page 11 : La chrétienté va à la destruction, car elle n'a pas respectée les lois de Dieu.
  • Page 12 : La chrétienté (catholiques comme protestants) fait parti du monde.
  • Page 13 : La chrétienté est ami des oppresseurs politiques. Dans les prophéties, les 10 tribus d'Israël représentent l'Église Catholique, les deux tribus l'Église Protestante. Dans ce cadre, les nations protestantes sont plus responsables.
  • Page 14: Ainsi les nations protestantes vont souffrir le plus à la fin de cette génération. Dans le même ordre d'idée, parmi les Étudiants de la bible, il y a des "judas" qui vont subir la destruction.
  • Page 15 : Néanmoins, les nations athées, seront elles aussi détruites.
  • Page 16 : Ceux qui cherchent la Vérité et qui aident "les pauvres" seront sauvés par millions.
  • Pages 17-19 : Description des merveilleuses conditions du Royaume de Jésus et de la Résurrection.
  • Pages 20-21 : Cette "génération" verra toute ces choses.
  • Pages 21,22 : Ceux qui apportent ce message au lecteur, ne portent pas un nom d'homme, ils portent le nom de Témoins de Jéhovah.

Warning from Jehovah (Avertissement de la part de Jéhovah)


The Kingdow, The Hope of the World

WHEN the peoples of the nations of the earth are confronted with a condition that threatens their very existence it is time `for ealm and sober thought that, if possible, the cause may he ascertained and that the true remedy may be embraced. To refuse to consider or publicly discuss such unhappy conditions for fear of provoking controversy is worse than folly.

The truth is not controversial with those who are honest. Truth reveals what the people need to know.

The nations of the earth are now in sore need of the truth. The radio is one of the ways God has provided to get the truth to the people, and every radio station on earth should be diligent to broadoast the truth to the people in this very serious time in the affairs of men.

The economic conditions ot` America are bad. Similar distressing conditions prevail through out all "Christendom", yea, in fact, throughout the entire world. A few have grown very rich, while the numbers ot the poor are increasing everywhere. It is claimed that there is au excess of production of food and of raiment, while at the same time there are millions starving and suffering from want of proper clothing.

The political conditions are bad everywhere. There is no ruling power or nation that feels safe and secure, and all are unable to cope successfully with the perplexing problems that confront them. Practically all the monarchies have perished from the earth, and democracy is more unsale now than it was prior to the VVorld War.

Moral conditions are also very bad. Crime is on the increase, particularly in the land called "Christendom", and many women and even youths have fallen to a lower level than that of degraded men. Fear and perplexity grip the people and scarcely anyone feels secure in home, property or body.

Regardless of who is the more reprehensible for these unhappy conditions, the indisputable fact is that fifteen centuries of the operation of “organized Christianity", so called, has not litted the human race out of degradation or given to the people hope.

The rulers and the people in all the nations called "Christendom" have claimed to believe that Jehovah is God, and have expressed faith in the Bible as his Word, and in Christ Jesus as the Savior of man. The question is now put squarely up to the rulers and to the people, to wit, Is that claim true and sincere? Jesus, with absolute authority, concerning God’s Bible said: “Thy word is truth." If we believe that Jehovah is the true God, then why should we longer halt between his Word and the opinions or theories of imperfect men? I earnestly invite the rulers and the people to carefully consider the Bible in the light of present-day events, because therein is found the full information concerning the cause of the world distresses and therein is plainly stated the only hope for man's relief and deliverance.

Jehovah, the God of the Bible, is the only true God. lle is the source of all life. Centuries ago he gave his word of promise that in his due time he would establish a government that would rule the world in righteousness and that under that government the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak, the Jews and Gentiles, the bond and the free, should all have un opportunity for the blessings of liberty, prosperity, happiness and life everlasting. (Gen. 22:18; Isa. 9: 6,7) That promise being true, the day must come when those on earth would know that it is time for the establishment of Gods kingdom or government and for the blessings of the people to begin.

Satan the Devil has long been the invisible ruler of this world. He is the adversary or opposer of the true God, and the worst enemy of man, and has led the people into degradation that he might turn them all away from Jehovah. God could have restrained or killed Satan long ago, to be sure, but perfect Wisdom marked out a different course. God first sent Jesus to the earth to provide redemption for the human race, and this Jesus did by the shedding of his own life-blood at Calvary.

When God raised up Jesus out of death and brought him into heaven, he said to him, as recorded in the 110th Psalm: "Wait until my due time comes to put the enemy Satan down and to set up the righteous rule" In that period of waiting God has been taking out from amongst men a people for his name.

In that same time God has permitted the peoples of earth to try to form and carry on desirable governments. The nations called "Christendom" agreed and undertook to do that very thing. These agreed to accept the Bible as their guide, and during the past fifteen centuries have set up governments and claimed that such governments have ruled as the representatives of God on the earth, The facts, however, are that these nations in particular have forgotten God and have turned away from him and have come completely under the influence of Satan, the enemy of God.

In 1914 the period of waiting named. by Jehovah came to an end. Prior to that time Satan, the invisible ruler amongst men, had carried on without interference, but when God’s due time came he sent îorth Christ Jesus to be the King of the world. He placed Jesus Christ upon the throne of authority. (Ps. 2:6) In harmony with the Bible testiinony of Revelation and other scriptures there immediately followed a war in heaven, With Christ and his angels on one side, and against Satan and his angels on the other side. That conflict resulted in Satan’s being cast out of heaven and down to the earth, and from then till now Satan the Devil is confining his operations exclusively to things of the earth. You wonder why the economic, the political and the moral conditions are so terrible in this day, and why they continue to grow worse. The answer is found in Revelation 12 : 12 in these words: "VVoe to the inhabiters of the earth, and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time."

It was in 1914 that the war in heaven took place, and it was in that same year that Satan plunged the nations oi "Christendom" into the great World War. Now call to inind that since the ending of that war conditions have continuously grovm worse in the earth. The agencies of Satan falsely charge Jehovah God with the responsibility for the calamities and crimes and wickedness that now afflict the nations and the people. Satan’s purpose in making this false charge is to cause the people to curse Jehovah God and to turn away from him. Satan’s scheme is to induce the people to ignore the Bible and its authority and to look to men for aid and deliverance. Satan is thus practicing a great fraud upon mankind, and for this reason yon see a studied effort to discredit the Bible and to keep the people in ignorance of its testimony.

Jehovah’s kingdom is already here. He has placed Christ Jesus, earth’s rightful Ruler upon his throne of authority. Why then does not God destroy Satan and his organization and relieve the people That is exactly What God is now about to do; but before so doing there is another work he will have done, and of this the people must now be informed.

God made man a free moral agent with the right to choose the course he will take. No man, however, eould make sueh a choice without some knowledge. The World War ceased in 1918 for the very purpose of permitting a testimony to be given to the nations in order that the people might have an opportunity to choose the course they would take, that is to say, whether they would give their allegiance to God and his kingdom of righteousness or would continue to rely upon the feeble efforts of men. By the events of the World YVar, famine, and pestilences, and great distress that befell the nations during and after 1914, the second coming of Christ and his kingdom are clearly proven.

To those who have seen andbelieved these evidences, and who have devoted themselves to Jehovah, the commandment is given, in Matthew 24: 14, to wit: "This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” "This gospel," or good news, must be told to "Christendom" now in order that the people might choose to give their allegianee to God and his kingdom under Christ. In obedience to this commandment men and women, with the aid of the radio and of books containing the message of truth, have gone, and are still going, to the people With the facts. A few have heard and rejoiced, while others have opposed, and. multitudes remain indifferent.


It is apparent that a universal government of righteousness could not be fully established in the earth until first Satan’s wieked power and his organization are destroyed. Until criminals are fully restrained or destroyed there could he ne freedom from crime and no safety to the lovers of righteousness. Until political dishonesty is destroyed there could he no righteous rule of the people. Until economic injustice and oppression cease to exist there could not be complete relief to the people. Until religious hypocrisy is destroyed the light of truth cannot shine fully into the minds of the people.

Therefore the first work of God’s kingdom of righteousness under Christ the King is to destroy the Wicked organization of Satan and clear the ground, that there may he fully and completely established in the earth the righteous and peaceful rule of the people. For this reason it is written, in Revelation 16 : 13-16, that the combined forces of wiekedness, under Sa tan, and the combined forces of righteousness, under Christ, are marching to Armageddon, which will mark the greatest battle and be a time of the greatest tribulation the world has ever known.

By his prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel God has Written his decree against "Christenom", and she must fall. What is here said is not to be considered as a threat against any creature, but it is a warning to both the rulers and the ruleol of "Christendom". Upon those who are devoted to God the obligation is laid to give this warning, and if they should fail to do so Jehovah would make the very stones to cry out and tell the people.

"Christendom" is composed of the nations that call themselves "Christian", and chirf amongst these nations are those of America and the British Empire, Because "Christendom" has claimed to follow Christ Jesus such nations thereby entered into an implied contract, at least, to give heed to and to do the will of God; and for this reason greater responsibility rests upon these nations than upon the nations which are called "heathen".

Today "Christendom" occupies a position corresponding exactly to that occupied by Jerusalem at the time of her destruction. Jerusalem was a type of "Christendom"; therefore the warnings given to Jerusalem by the prophets of Jehovah apply With stronger force to "Christendom" at this time. I wish that the rulers and the people might understand that nothing is here stated to provoke a controversy, but that the information is given as a warning because it is the will of God and because the people need to have this information before the greatest trouble that ever afflicted humankind falls upon them.

For "Christianity” there is just ahead the worst trouble that has ever befallen any nation. The reasons therefor are given by the Prophet Isaiah (24:35) in these words: "[Jehovah] hath spoken this word ..The world languisheth, and fadeth away; the haughty people of the earth do languish. The earth [organized peoples of the earth] also is deflled under the inhabitants thereof, because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant."

The laws of God are set forth in the Bible and define all manner of crimes, The nations of "Christendom" have transgressed every one of these laws and been guilty of all manner of crime. The ordinances for the government of the church of God on earth were plainly announced by Jesus and the apostles and are set forth in the Bible. “Organized Christianity," or "Christendom", has changed these divinely provided ordinances and substituted therefor the idolatrous practices of men, thereby bringing great reproach upon the name of Jehovah God. To Noah God stated his "everlasting covenant", in which is declared the sanctity of human life. Every nation of "Christendom" has broken the everlasting covenant by the unrighteous shedding of innocent human blood. ‘Therefore, says the Lord, his curse is upon the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate, and the inhabitants of the earth shall be burned and few left.'

The law of all civilized nations denounces adultery or harlotry as a major crime, There is another great crime committed by organizations that have taken the name of the Lord, and which crime God names and donounces as adultery or harlotry. That crime consists in mixing God’s truths with the wicked things of the Devil and following Satan’s practices. Addressing those who have thus done, and defining the crime, it is written, in James 4:4: "Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not thatthe friendship of the world is enmity with God"! whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God." The people are witnesses to the fact that "organized Christianity" today goes hand in hand with the oppressive rulers of the world and is in fact a part of the world.

True Christianity was founded hy Jesus, together with his faithful apostles. Concerning it God declares it was planted by him as a noble vine. The duty and obligation laid upon true Christianity was and is to have and to serve but one God and to faithfully follow in the footsteps of Christ Jesus and to give full and unqualified allegiance to God’s kingdom.

Out from the "vine" of true Christianity have grown two great branches, to wit, the Catholic and Protestant religions. No one will attempt to deny the fact that both of these great religious branches have openly allied themselves with the political, commercial and military powers of the world. Today these two great religious organizations, together with their allies that rule the principal nations of the earth, constitute what is called “Christendorn", or “organized Christianity". Both of these great branches of professed Christianity have opened their doors and their arms and invited and enticed men, regardless of impurity of faith or conduct, to enter their folds and partake of their delicacies. In order that they might make themselves more attractive, both have changed God’s ordinances of rule and worship in the church and have substituted therefor adulterous practices that have greatly reproachcd the name of God. Both have made the rich oppressor of the people and the cruel and harsh political ruler the chief or principal ones of their flocks and have pushed aside and oppressed the poor and the needy.

The ten tribes of Israel who built their capital city at Samaria foreshadowed the Catholic organization, while the two tribes that built their capital city at Jerusalem foreshadowed the Protestant religious organizations. What God said to those ancient nations through his prophets applies now with greater force and emphasis to modern "Chriatianity".

The Catholic nations have had less enlightenment than the Protestant nations; therefore the greater responsibility for the present world condition is upon the Protestant nations. As God punished the Israelites, so he has declared through his prophets that he will indict great punishment upon "organized Christianity", and the most severe part of that punishment will

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